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Thursday, 19 November 2009

App-V SFTDCC.EXE slowing down the logoff process

User Logoff from a Terminal server takes longer than expected because the SFTDCC.EXE process lingers for 30 seconds.

The SFTDCC.EXE process is left running to improve performance in the event of the launch of another App-V application. This design is better suited to a workstation environment than a terminal server environment.

The timeout setting can be amended with the following key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Softricity\SoftGrid Client\CurrentVersion\Configuration\DCCSeamlessTimeout
The setting is the number of seconds to continue after closing the last softgrid application. Setting this to 0 is what i recommend in a XenApp environment.

The Citrix Logoffsyscheckmodules should also be modified so as not to prevent logoff if it see this process is still running. Add SFTDCC.EXE to the following registry key.


I took this information from a well written article here.

and Citrix Article CTX112370


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