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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Client Name showing as WI_xxxx instead of true client device name

Under certain setup the users "Client Name" will show as WI_xxxxxxx instead of the true name of the connecting client device in the AMC and CMC console.

This can be problematic for applications or scripts that need to know the true NETBIOS name of the client device.

The problem has come about when citrix introduced workspace control. To enable this citrix abandoned the use of the normal client name and starts to use a unique WI_xxx name for each connection. The idea is that this enables roaming of the session as its not tied to a workstation name. Im not sure why they didnt just use a new field for this but the blocking of the true client name has certainly caused problems at client sites ive worked at.

If workspace control is disabled which it is by default, then the true client name will be shown.
If however you require workspace control (for example to allow reconnection button for users)
then you will need to enable workspace control and then go into Session preferences on web interface and Select users device names , and untick "override of User device names"
This option will function correctly only if you have XenApp 4.5 or newer.

More information is on CTX113319


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